The single most asked question is “How did you get into this business?”

Our family struggled with a lice infestation for six months. This was the second time in three years. I was frustrated, emotionally exhausted and very overwhelmed by the whole experience. We spent endless hours researching for a way to get rid of the problem. We used every home remedy and box kit known to mankind. We were able to finally move past this issue with professional help from another State. The stars aligned in such a way that Head Hunters was discovered. The business idea was smart, innovative and the first of its kind in Atlanta.

In the beginning, Tommy concentrated on helping families by providing In-home Services. This turned out to be the foundation to an amazing company. As Head Hunters grew, I joined my husband to open our first head lice removal facility. Not long after opening, Head Hunters Naturals was created. What we wanted was a product that smelled good, was easy to use and that actually repelled head lice. So we made one. Then two. Then three. Then four. Of course, all of the products were designed through rigorous testing, thorough research and customer feedback. Which has been greatly appreciated by the both of us.

Over the years Head Hunters has progressed. We now have two locations that are fully staffed. Each team is comprised of individuals that have different points of view, different life goals and positive personalities. Together each and every day, we learn, we laugh and we work hard. We mentor each other through life’s challenges. We motivate each other to Stay Strong. Best of all, we embrace the unique company that we work for and believe in.


Heather Lambert, Owner