1. The Truth about “Eye Lice”

    The Truth about “Eye Lice” When a parent discovers a lice infestation, often the first thing they do (besides feel very itchy!) is take to the internet to research lice and how it should be treated. Anyone who has researched head lice will know that there is a lot of information out there but you may have stumbled upon images or videos about getting lice on the eyes. If you have never seen any…Lice Treatment

  2. Lice Treatment with a 30 Day Guaruntee

    We are confident that we can successfully treat any case of head lice. We offer a 30 day guarantee post- treatment for anyone treated by Head Hunters L.R.S. as long as the following parameters are met:  The post-treatment follow-up appointment is scheduled and adhered to (5-7 days after treatment).  Every person living with the treated individual is checked by Head Hunters L.R.S., if additional …Lice Treatment