1. Educational Head Lice Seminars Presented by the Head Lice Specialist

    Here at Head Hunters we believe education is empowerment and that one of the best ways to prevent head lice and a head lice panic is to educate the community. To help fight against head lice in our community, we often speak at seminars for schools, day care, and social services. When we are asked to host a seminar, we cover six things that are vital in containing a lice issue. We identify stages a…Lice Treatment

  2. How did my Teen get Head Lice??

    How did my Teen get Head Lice?? Head lice is a parasite typically associated with children. Many lice treatment products have packaging targeted towards children or even have images of children on the bottle. The reason for this is that lice are, of course, most common among children. They have close contact with more people than any other age group. Teens and adults are typically only going to ha…Lice Treatment

  3. Head Lice Policy in Schools

    Head Lice Policy in Schools   Every school has their own head lice policy, some schools will not let students attend class with even one nit, while others do not see it as a threat. The American Academy of Pediatrics released an article with the mindset that head lice infestations are not spread at school. As a Lice Removal Specialist, we know this is not factual. We have treated many children ov…Lice Treatment

  4. Lice: the Dreaded Four Letter Word

    Lice: the Dreaded Four Letter Word No parent wants to hear that their child or children have lice.  When you hear the word lice what is the first thing that you think of?  Many parents think that when you get lice it is either by being too clean or too dirty.  Honestly, lice will make a home on any human head no matter the texture, style, cleanliness or lack thereof.  Lice are looking for a go…Lice Treatment

  5. The Problem with Head Lice Policy Changes in Schools

    Head lice policy changes in schools have parents in disarray and they are not happy about it. The American Academy of Pediatrics released an article recently with the mindset that head lice infestations are not spread at school. As Lice Removal Specialist, we have treated many children over the years. We have had multiple children from the same schools in our chairs being treated at the same time!…Lice Treatment

  6. Sleepovers after Treating Head Lice – Yes or No?

    “Can my child still attend a sleepover?” The short answer is YES. While in the midst of a head lice crisis, many families want to stop the life. No sleepovers. No playdates. No extra circular activities. Head lice can be a traumatic event but do not stop the life because of head lice. Go back to school. Go play with a friend. Have a sleepover. Just take precautions. Sleepovers provide a fantas…Lice Treatment

  7. “No Nit Policy”

    “NO NIT POLICY” Head Hunters L.R.S. supports a “No Nit Policy”. This policy states that children cannot be in school if they have nits in their hair. Having a “No Nit Policy” actually reduces the number of cases of head lice. When performing a head check visually, the nits are easier to see. Lice run from light, are quick and evasive. Just because you cannot see bugs visually, does not…Lice Treatment

  8. This Year’s Homecoming Queen: Mrs. Louse!

    What time of the year is it? Its homecoming time! It is a night for high heels, elegant evening-wear and dancing the night away. Unfortunately, it is also a night that head lice to be spread! The Head Lice Specialist has some head lice pointers to keep you lice free on Homecoming night! One of the most important tasks of the night will be getting your hair styled. If the hairdresser finds head lic…Lice Treatment

  9. Bullying and Head Lice

    Bullying and Head Lice- In New Jersey, a student came to school with her hair freshly dyed. When another student said “she dyed her hair because she had head lice.” That student was the reprimanded and labeled as a bully. The school and the state are now being sued by the alleged bully. This child’s family believes that the school infringed on their child’s Freedom of Speech. Click here to…Lice Treatment

  10. Handling a Head Lice Problem in Schools

    When a case has been detected at your school, the best course of action is to immediately check every student in the class. Send an informational letter home to notify the parents that a child has lice and give them tips on how to prevent their child from getting lice. Have an age appropriate quick lesson on lice with the students. Informing children of what they can do to prevent themselves from …Lice Treatment

  11. A New Year for Head Lice – Checking for Head Lice after School Breaks

    School children may go back to class in January with more than their new sweaters and shoes. There’s a good chance they might return with something they can share with their classmates—head lice. This winter could be booming for the blood sucking, six-legged insects that survive by attaching themselves to a scalp. During Christmas break, many children are more social and have more contact with…Lice Treatment

  12. iLICE! Keep The Fun In Technology And The Lice Out!

    With the increase in technology, The Head Lice Specialist has seen an increase in the number of cases of head lice. Since head lice transfer from head to head contact, they are finding ample opportunity to transfer more easily with technological advances. Take note and watch your children when they are playing with their smart devises. You will be amazed at how much head to head contact you see! S…Lice Treatment

  13. School’s Laid back “No Nit” Policy is a Real Head Scratcher

    There are many public schools that have a strict “no nit” policy when it comes to dealing with head lice. However, there are those public schools that do not. Although, there is no perfect policy and it may seem extremely unfair that your child is sent home, the policy is aimed to eliminate the spread of head lice to other children. Many school officials, including school nurses, may lack the …Lice Treatment