1. Preventative & Stylish – Easy Up-do Tutorials to Prevent Head Lice

    Keeping long hair up and contained is a great way to prevent head lice, as head to head contact is the way lice is spread 99% of the time. Head lice crawl very quickly and use the hair stand as a bridge to transfer. It only takes 3 seconds for a louse to crawl from one person’s head to another. Girls are often more vulnerable to receiving head lice because their hair is longer and more likely to…Lice Treatment

  2. Celebrate Summer Camp Season Lice Free

    Summer Camp Season Is Here Each year the Head Hunters team visits summer camps all across Georgia before start of the camp season. We check every child there for head lice before they settle into their cabins for the summer in order to help prevent any outbreaks of head lice. If cases of head lice are identified, our technicians treat the child on site so that they can stay and enjoy their camp ex…Lice Treatment

  3. The Best Preventative Measures Against Head Lice

    LICE! Most people cringe and instantly start itching as soon as you hear the word. You may not realize it, but getting head lice is just as common as catching a cold. Head lice can be prevented and The Head Lice Specialist has the best preventative measures. Head lice are spread through head-to-head contact. Have an age appropriate conversation with your child about how head-to-head contact occurs…Lice Treatment

  4. Head Hunters Annual Summer Camp Lice Checks

    Head Hunters L.R.S. has had quite a busy summer so far! We are only half way through the summer of 2013. Just a few weeks ago, our technicians checked over 600 campers for head lice. Our team did numerous treatments with all campers lice free and happy. This is a beneficial precaution the staff of the camp takes by getting all campers checked and treated before they can go to their cabins. Head li…Lice Treatment

  5. Tips to Prevent Head Lice

    When children play at school and have play dates and sleepovers, the number of cases of head lice rises. That’s because head lice, tiny parasitic insects that live on the scalp, are most commonly transferred through head-to-head contact. What should parents know and do to prevent their child from getting head lice? Here are seven important tips: Teach your child to avoid head-to-head contact. No…Lice Treatment