As of late, it seems that head lice have become an epidemic.  Every week, a new letter is being sent home warning you that someone else in your child’s class has lice. The term “Super Lice” has emerged and taken over the market, causing a panic among consumers. Products like Nix and Rid claim to eradicate these otherwise persistent pests, making their product seem essential in lice treatmen…Lice Treatment

  2. Pro Lice Kit / WipeOut Instructions – With Pictures

    PRO LICE KIT INSTRUCTIONS  Using Wipe Out on dry hair, saturate the entire head of hair working from root to  tip. For more detailed instructions on applying Wipeout please consult Section 2.  Massage into scalp. Let sit for 20 minutes. (You can choose to shampoo and condition the hair before moving to step four to make the combing less messy) Thoroughly detangle the hair. Working in one inch…Lice Treatment

  3. How to Remove Head Lice From Hair with Extensions and Dreadlocks

    Head lice and hair extensions are two things you do not want to hear in the same sentence. It is already expensive to get the extensions put in and to hear that you have lice with them can be devastating.  Not only are extensions an investment of money but they are also an investment of time, it can take hours to put in hair extensions and no one wants this amount of time and money gone to waste.…Lice Treatment

  4. The Dangers of Chemical Lice Treatments

    At Head Hunters, we provide an all-natural treatment option as opposed to the more common methods of treating head lice that involve the use of harmful chemicals. Just how dangerous are these chemicals? We have researched the active ingredients in both prescription and over the counter lice treatments and found startling results. The results are especially disturbing when we know that many parents…Lice Treatment

  5. The Social Stigma of Lice

      The Social Stigma of Lice It is a wonder that in 2017 when there is widespread awareness and compassion for many health-related issues that there is still a great deal of social stigma surrounding those who have head lice. Most people do not know the facts about head lice, where it comes from or why people get it. This leads to misunderstandings that perpetuate old myths. People are often fearf…Lice Treatment

  6. Will Head Lice Eventually Leave? How Long can an Infestation Last?

    Will Head Lice Eventually Leave? How Long can an Infestation Last?   The typical head lice case we see at Head Hunters is a 3-6-week infestation, but we often treat shorter cases as well. Because most people treat lice immediately upon discovering it, this often leaves clients wondering what would have happened if they did not notice the infestation or left it untreated. Since lice easily transfe…Lice Treatment

  7. The Elderly and Head Lice

    Head lice is a problem largely associated with children. Everyone remembers the lice checks they had when they were in elementary school and may have even gotten lice once or twice. Head lice affects mostly children but that doesn’t mean we can’t be vulnerable to an infestation when we are older. Another age group at risk for getting head lice is the elderly, especially those in nursing homes.…Lice Treatment

  8. Head Lice Origins: Where did it all begin?

    Head Lice Origins: Where did it all begin?   Head Lice is a human parasite that feeds on our blood. There is no other known species that can host head lice, so you do not worry about your pets. They are primarily transferred from head-to-head contact. They cannot jump, fly, burrow or swim, and they cannot survive off their human host. Head lice do not live on objects, outdoors, in water and they …Lice Treatment

  9. Comb it Out! : How to Combat the Modern Louse

    So, you have a case of head lice. What now? Basically, you have 3 choices in how to handle the infestation. You can put pesticides on the scalp and hair with an over-the-counter treatment. You can make an appointment with your doctor/pediatrician to get a prescription (Hopefully you have insurance). You can comb the lice and nits out. With this one you have a choice of going to a professional and …Lice Treatment

  10. Sleepovers after Treating Head Lice – Yes or No?

    “Can my child still attend a sleepover?” The short answer is YES. While in the midst of a head lice crisis, many families want to stop the life. No sleepovers. No playdates. No extra circular activities. Head lice can be a traumatic event but do not stop the life because of head lice. Go back to school. Go play with a friend. Have a sleepover. Just take precautions. Sleepovers provide a fantas…Lice Treatment

  11. Returning To Normal Activity

    Returning to normal activity- Once a child is treated by Head Hunters L.R.S. they can immediately return to normal activity. When a client leaves our facility they are 99% clear and at a non-contagious level. We leave 1% for human error and show homework combing to the client to keep up that 1% process. Your child will not give head lice to another person after our treatment. They are at risk for …Lice Treatment

  12. Lice Removal? How did you get into this Business?

    The single most asked question is “How did you get into this business?” Our family was struggling with a lice infestation with our daughter for six months. This was the second time in three years. Long story…short, I was frustrated, emotionally exhausted and very overwhelmed by the whole experience. Spending endless hours researching a way to get rid of the problem, we were able to finally m…Lice Treatment

  13. A New Year for Head Lice – Checking for Head Lice after School Breaks

    School children may go back to class in January with more than their new sweaters and shoes. There’s a good chance they might return with something they can share with their classmates—head lice. This winter could be booming for the blood sucking, six-legged insects that survive by attaching themselves to a scalp. During Christmas break, many children are more social and have more contact with…Lice Treatment

  14. We Guarantee Our Lice Treatment Service

    We Guarantee Our Lice Treatment- At any given time, during any season, at least three percent of kids at school have lice. The number of students with lice is certainly higher during an outbreak. The number of confirmed head lice cases increases each year. For your own peace of mind, you should learn how to protect your children from lice. It is important to check your children regularly for head …Lice Treatment

  15. We Offer Lice Removal Procedures That are Safe for the Children of Atlanta

    While lice are a nuisance they do not spread disease and can make you itch but are otherwise harmless. However, the over-the-counter drugs you can purchase to rid your children of their infestations can actually be harmful to them. Health experts are also concerned about recent studies that show lice killing shampoos are becoming less effective as lice are becoming increasingly resistant. Parents …Lice Treatment

  16. Head Lice Among Atlanta Children is not Rare

    Head lice are prevalent among children in Atlanta. As lice become more and more resistant to over-the-counter products, it is becoming more difficult for parents to get rid of their children’s infestations.  and we find that children have had lice for longer periods before they start itching and some children never itch. Typically, by the time that an infestation is discovered it is at a contag…Lice Treatment

  17. How Do You Know If You Need Lice Removal In Atlanta?

    With Head Hunters online videos and pictures, it has become simple to tell whether or not you or your child is in need of a lice removal service in Atlanta. Our head lice specialists can also perform professional head checks for a low price to eliminate any concern of head lice. We have created a salon-like environment so children don’t feel anxious when getting a head check or treatment. Our go…Lice Treatment

  18. Atlanta Head Lice Removal Specialists

    If you are looking for an Atlanta head lice removal specialist, we’ve got you covered! Head lice can be an embarrassing issue. At Head Hunters, you will be welcomed into a comfortable environment and the staff is ready to help you treat lice and answer all of your questions. We know exactly how you feel during this time, so you can be sure that we will calm all of your fears and anxieties. Call …Lice Treatment

  19. Atlanta Head Lice Removal and Prevention that WORKS

    Did you know that a mother of a child that has head lice has a 54% chance of having it herself? Visit www.headlicespecialist.com and learn preventative methods! If you can keep your children lice free, you can keep yourself lice free! Order preventative products at headhuntersnaturals.com!…Lice Treatment

  20. Starting the Year Out with Atlanta Head Lice Removal

    Fresh starts are always a good thing. Let your head get a fresh start with Atlanta head lice removal. Come into Head Hunters Lice Removal Specialist to get a low cost head check. You can start the year out with the security that you are clean and clear of any lice parasites. If we do find that you are carrying lice, we are the place to get rid of them. We have a niche for that it itch and can keep…Lice Treatment

  21. Ditch the Itch – Atlanta Head Lice Removal

    Itchy scalp? It could be lice. Don’t take a chance on spreading lice to other family members. Call Head Hunters Lice Removal Specialists for Atlanta head lice removal. We not only take care of a lice infestation, we help prevent spreading lice to others.…Lice Treatment