cropped-picture-chair-jpeItchy? Found a live bug? Someone in your child’s class has it? No need to worry yourself sick because Head Hunters L.R.S is the Head Lice Specialist! We can help your family prevent head lice in the future, and we can empower you through this emotional time.

During a treatment, we remove 99% of the infestation and show you how to make sure that your child/family is 100% lice free.

We consider every person that walks in our door a part of our family. Before you leave, you will have the knowledge and tools to prevent head lice and stop the emotional frenzy your family may be going through. At Head Hunters, we believe each person should leave feeling empowered and motivated about how to handle head lice.

If you suspect your child may have head lice, call us today and make an appointment! The sooner you begin treating head lice, the better it is for the entire family.