What time of the year is it? Its homecoming time! It is a night for high heels, elegant evening-wear and dancing the night away. Unfortunately, it is also a night that head lice to be spread! The Head Lice Specialist has some head lice pointers to keep you lice free on Homecoming night!

One of the most important tasks of the night will be getting your hair styled. If the hairdresser finds head lice in your hair they will stop your service and send you home with instructions to treat the infestation before returning. Since you get your hair styled on the night of the dance, this news could not come at a worse time! To avoid that situation, perform a wet head check the night before your hair appointment to ensure that you are lice free.

Not only do you want to prevent spreading head lice, you want to avoid receiving it as well. Keeping the hair up and contained in a fun hairstyle will help keep yourself free of head lice. When you are taking pictures, avoid head-to-head contact with your friends. When you are dancing the night away watch that hair-to-hair contact. Use head lice repellant products like the Lemon Heads Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray.

We have seen a larger volume of older teenage girls in our facility recently. Many are under the misconception that only younger children get head lice. Be sure to keep these pointers in mind at Homecoming, or lice may come home with you!