Head Hunters L.R.S. has had quite a busy summer so far! We are only half way through the summer of 2013. Just a few weeks ago, our technicians checked over 600 campers for head lice. Our team did numerous treatments with all campers lice free and happy. This is a beneficial precaution the staff of the camp takes by getting all campers checked and treated before they can go to their cabins. Head lice spreads quickly and the best way to nip it in the bud is by being proactive. We are happy to alleviate the worries of a head lice infestation at camp and are excited to be going back in a few weeks. We wanted to share some photos from our trip to camp and show how beautiful its surroundings are.

View from one of our Head Check Sites
The buses all lined up with children eager to get their Head Checks!
The Infirmary and Meeting Area
The Infirmary and Meeting Area