A mother with one affected child has a 54% chance of contracting head lice. If she has two children affected by head lice at the same time her chances increase to 87%.

The Head Hunters Method of Lice Treatment

1. Using the Lemon Heads Repellant Spray, our focus is to remove the infestation rather than to kill it.

Why? We know that nothing kills 100% of the infestation so we would rather keep our focus and remove the problem. The Lemon Heads Repellant Spray allows us to effectively remove the head lice infestation, while leaving a repelling scent behind.

2. Once the hair is saturated, we use the Pro-Lice Comb to thoroughly comb the entire head of hair. Working with small manageable sections, the technician will remove the nits and live bugs.

Why? Head Hunters L.R.S. has tested many lice combs on the market. The Pro-Lice Comb has the tightest teeth to pull out the most stubborn nits.

3. A demonstration of the Homework Combing process is given to each client concluding the Treatment Phase.

Why? To ensure all clients are free of head lice on the Follow Up visit, we ask that the parent continue with a quick 3-Step combing process at home. A little extra effort goes a long way!

4. At the end of every treatment, a highly skilled technician will perform a final inspection to ensure the head is clear of head lice.

Why? To err is human, plus this is a good opportunity for a little quality control. Simple as that!

Post Treatment Procedures

1. The client will be required to have a Follow Up visit 5-7 days post treatment to receive clearance of head lice and begin the 30 Day Guarantee.

Head Hunters Lice Treatment Salon

2. An information packet is sent home with every family the day of treatment to reiterate tips for home cleaning, how to prevent head lice and how to be proactive.

  • Wash Sheets and Pillow Cases on Normal Cycle
  • Comforters, Pillows and Favorite Stuff Animals in the Dryer for 30 Minutes
  • Freeze Hairbrushes, Combs and Hair Accessories for 3 Hours