Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of Customer Satisfaction. Our success comes from our ability to provide an exceptional experience. Head Hunters strives to give each client Impeccable Customer Service.


Consultation by Phone Complimentary
Head Check $20.00
Girl’s/Women Treatment $99.00
Boy’s/Men Treatment $79.00
Follow Up Visit Included in Treatment Fee
30 Day Guarantee Included in Treatment Fee

*Head Check Fee is waived if evidence is found and Treatment is desired.

  • Payment is Due upon Services Rendered
  • Products and Combs are Sold Separately
  • All Forms of Payment are Accepted
  • Flexible Spending Accounts are Accepted

Head Hunters’ prices are always what you see. No matter the case or the treatment, all you
have to look forward to is an exceptional experience – no exclusions or extra costs.