Returning to normal activity- Once a child is treated by Head Hunters L.R.S. they can immediately return to normal activity. When a client leaves our facility they are 99% clear and at a non-contagious level. We leave 1% for human error and show homework combing to the client to keep up that 1% process. Your child will not give head lice to another person after our treatment. They are at risk for getting head lice again because lice leave a scent in the hair that says “Hey I’m a good host, come back”. After treatment, clients are asked to follow the preventative measures that the technician suggests. These measures are; avoiding head-to-head contact, containing the hair and using repellant products. Click the link to see our motto, “Don’t stop the life because of lice“.

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Talking about lice

For information on head Lice removal treatment or prevention visit or Our highly skilled technicians are available for a consultation and can be reached at 678-240-0042.