Head Hunters L.R.S. specializes in treating  head lice while providing an array of services to fit your needs. We are a valuable member of the community in the fight against head lice with supporting partners that include various schools, camps, doctors and even other local lice removal companies. We understand how head lice are evolving, what products are needed to prevent the adult louse transfer and how to successfully remove an infestation.Complimentary to every treatment, families learn how to perform a thorough and proper head check for future needs. We work closely with our families to provide education on the prevention of head lice and the importance of becoming proactive. Education is Empowerment!

  • Education
  • Pro-Action
  • Prevention
  • Head Checks
  • Treatments
  • Consultations
Consultation by Phone Complimentary
Head Check $20.00
Girl’s/Women Treatment $99.00
Boy’s/Men Treatment $79.00
Follow Up Visit Included in Treatment Fee
30 Day Guarantee Included in Treatment Fee

Head Check
A wet Head Check is performed to identify evidence of a head lice infestation. Signs of a head lice infestation are nits, empty shells or any live lice.

Girl’s Treatment
A typical Girl’s Treatment takes 1 to 1 ½ hours. Duration depends on length, thickness of hair and size of infestation.
Head Hunters Lice Removal Specialist Treatment Room
Boy’s Treatment

A Boy’s Treatment takes 30-45 minutes depending upon size of infestation and tenderness of the scalp.

Follow Up Visits
A scheduled Follow Up visit will take 15-30 minutes per family. If remaining head lice evidence is found, a second Follow Up visit is required.

Off-Site Services/Fees

School and Camp Screenings
The goal is to keep the spread of head lice to a minimum. Screening children periodically through the school year or at the beginning and ending of the camp season reduces the risk of a head lice crisis within the social group. Thus, protecting those that do not already have an infestation and identifying those that do.

School/Camp Screening  $3.50 per head, $100 minimum

PTA/Social Worker Presentations
Head Hunters provides a 30 minute informative PowerPoint Presentation to further lessen the impact of a head lice crisis within the community. This presentation covers identification, prevention, home cleaning and the emotional ramifications of head lice.

PowerPoint Presentation Seminar  Free of Charge