1. Natural Remedy for Head Lice: Essential Oils

    Natural Remedy for Head Lice: Essential Oils Essential oils often possess insecticidal properties. They are also quite effective against head lice. Here at Head Hunters we use Lemongrass, Lemon Oil and Lemon Eucalyptus as our main ingredients in our Lemon Heads products. Below are some facts about each of our main ingredients. Eucalyptus oil has many benefits. It can be used as a repellent against…Lice Treatment

  2. Lice: the Dreaded Four Letter Word

    Lice: the Dreaded Four Letter Word No parent wants to hear that their child or children have lice.  When you hear the word lice what is the first thing that you think of?  Many parents think that when you get lice it is either by being too clean or too dirty.  Honestly, lice will make a home on any human head no matter the texture, style, cleanliness or lack thereof.  Lice are looking for a go…Lice Treatment

  3. Pros and Cons of Popular Lice Treatment Methods

    With so many different home remedies, lice kits and Lice Treatment Services out there, it can be difficult to figure out what treatment method will work best for you. Myths and misinformation about head lice are so rampant making it even more difficult to know which treatment methods are most effective. Heat Treatment Methods (Straighteners, Hair Dryers, & Lice Dryer Treatments) Heat treatment…Lice Treatment