1. The Problem with Head Lice Policy Changes in Schools

    Head lice policy changes in schools have parents in disarray and they are not happy about it. The American Academy of Pediatrics released an article recently with the mindset that head lice infestations are not spread at school. As Lice Removal Specialist, we have treated many children over the years. We have had multiple children from the same schools in our chairs being treated at the same time!…Lice Treatment

  2. We Guarantee Our Lice Treatment Service

    We Guarantee Our Lice Treatment- At any given time, during any season, at least three percent of kids at school have lice. The number of students with lice is certainly higher during an outbreak. The number of confirmed head lice cases increases each year. For your own peace of mind, you should learn how to protect your children from lice. It is important to check your children regularly for head …Lice Treatment

  3. Natural Lice Removal in Atlanta

    Head Hunters Lice Removal Specialists believe in taking a natural approach to head lice removal. Chemical shampoos are ineffective and can leave your hair damaged, dull and brittle. Our signature WipeOut Natural Lice Treatment is the perfect solution to get rid of head lice and keep your hair looking and feeling as healthy as ever. Stop by our salon to purchase WipeOut or order your treatment onli…Lice Treatment