1. Will Head Lice Eventually Leave? How Long can an Infestation Last?

    Will Head Lice Eventually Leave? How Long can an Infestation Last?   The typical head lice case we see at Head Hunters is a 3-6-week infestation, but we often treat shorter cases as well. Because most people treat lice immediately upon discovering it, this often leaves clients wondering what would have happened if they did not notice the infestation or left it untreated. Since lice easily transfe…Lice Treatment

  2. Head Lice Policy in Schools

    Head Lice Policy in Schools   Every school has their own head lice policy, some schools will not let students attend class with even one nit, while others do not see it as a threat. The American Academy of Pediatrics released an article with the mindset that head lice infestations are not spread at school. As a Lice Removal Specialist, we know this is not factual. We have treated many children ov…Lice Treatment

  3. Preventative & Stylish – Easy Up-do Tutorials to Prevent Head Lice

    Keeping long hair up and contained is a great way to prevent head lice, as head to head contact is the way lice is spread 99% of the time. Head lice crawl very quickly and use the hair stand as a bridge to transfer. It only takes 3 seconds for a louse to crawl from one person’s head to another. Girls are often more vulnerable to receiving head lice because their hair is longer and more likely to…Lice Treatment

  4. Returning To Normal Activity

    Returning to normal activity- Once a child is treated by Head Hunters L.R.S. they can immediately return to normal activity. When a client leaves our facility they are 99% clear and at a non-contagious level. We leave 1% for human error and show homework combing to the client to keep up that 1% process. Your child will not give head lice to another person after our treatment. They are at risk for …Lice Treatment