1. The Social Stigma of Lice

      The Social Stigma of Lice It is a wonder that in 2017 when there is widespread awareness and compassion for many health-related issues that there is still a great deal of social stigma surrounding those who have head lice. Most people do not know the facts about head lice, where it comes from or why people get it. This leads to misunderstandings that perpetuate old myths. People are often fearf…Lice Treatment

  2. The Elderly and Head Lice

    Head lice is a problem largely associated with children. Everyone remembers the lice checks they had when they were in elementary school and may have even gotten lice once or twice. Head lice affects mostly children but that doesn’t mean we can’t be vulnerable to an infestation when we are older. Another age group at risk for getting head lice is the elderly, especially those in nursing homes.…Lice Treatment

  3. How did my Teen get Head Lice??

    How did my Teen get Head Lice?? Head lice is a parasite typically associated with children. Many lice treatment products have packaging targeted towards children or even have images of children on the bottle. The reason for this is that lice are, of course, most common among children. They have close contact with more people than any other age group. Teens and adults are typically only going to ha…Lice Treatment

  4. Head Lice Origins: Where did it all begin?

    Head Lice Origins: Where did it all begin?   Head Lice is a human parasite that feeds on our blood. There is no other known species that can host head lice, so you do not worry about your pets. They are primarily transferred from head-to-head contact. They cannot jump, fly, burrow or swim, and they cannot survive off their human host. Head lice do not live on objects, outdoors, in water and they …Lice Treatment

  5. You, Me, and Lice: How other Cultures Deal with Head Lice

    World Of Lice       From us here in America, to our friends across the world, head lice find a way to make an impact on all cultures. Egyptian culture, Indian culture and one that is falsely claimed to be the “garlic’’ to the blood thirsty culprit, African culture. Head lice has been around for thousands of years dating as far back as the Egyptian times. One of the oldest cases of lice …Lice Treatment

  6. Children’s Head Lice Books

    Children’s head lice books- Getting head lice is like catching a cold. Although most people will have head lice at least once in their lives, it can be a hard concept for children. Most parents keep it simple and say, “you have bugs in your hair and we need to get them out.” To help your children learn about head lice, I recommend getting them a children’s book about lice. I picked out my …Lice Treatment