1. How did my Child get Head Lice?

    How did my Child get Head Lice? Did you know head lice can reach any family regardless of cleanliness, social status or personal hygiene? Despite the fact anyone can get head lice, they seem to still have a strong social stigma associated with them. Having the right knowledge is extremely important, but it is hard to learn due to all of the misinformation on the internet. Many people believe lice …Lice Treatment

  2. Have you ever Noticed that One Child just Never seems to get Head Lice?

    Have you ever Noticed that One Child just Never seems to get Head Lice?   Head lice are a human parasite that invade our hair and nourish on our blood. Although they feed on our blood, fortunately they do not spread disease. Most children get lice at least once in their lifetime, but have you ever noticed that one of your children just never seems to get it? The reason for this phenomenon has to …Lice Treatment

  3. Is there a Season for Head Lice?

    Is There a Season for Head Lice?   No, lice is NOT seasonal. Head lice is spread all year round but we tend to see a spike of cases during the summer months because children play with different than normal social groups. This leads to the exposure to head lice by a variety of sources. In addition to the summer playtime, we have sleep away camps and day camps. Just think about all of the opportuni…Lice Treatment

  4. Preventative & Stylish – Easy Up-do Tutorials to Prevent Head Lice

    Keeping long hair up and contained is a great way to prevent head lice, as head to head contact is the way lice is spread 99% of the time. Head lice crawl very quickly and use the hair stand as a bridge to transfer. It only takes 3 seconds for a louse to crawl from one person’s head to another. Girls are often more vulnerable to receiving head lice because their hair is longer and more likely to…Lice Treatment