1. The Social Stigma of Lice

      The Social Stigma of Lice It is a wonder that in 2017 when there is widespread awareness and compassion for many health-related issues that there is still a great deal of social stigma surrounding those who have head lice. Most people do not know the facts about head lice, where it comes from or why people get it. This leads to misunderstandings that perpetuate old myths. People are often fearf…Lice Treatment

  2. Natural Remedy for Head Lice: Essential Oils

    Natural Remedy for Head Lice: Essential Oils Essential oils often possess insecticidal properties. They are also quite effective against head lice. Here at Head Hunters we use Lemongrass, Lemon Oil and Lemon Eucalyptus as our main ingredients in our Lemon Heads products. Below are some facts about each of our main ingredients. Eucalyptus oil has many benefits. It can be used as a repellent against…Lice Treatment

  3. How did my Child get Head Lice?

    How did my Child get Head Lice? Did you know head lice can reach any family regardless of cleanliness, social status or personal hygiene? Despite the fact anyone can get head lice, they seem to still have a strong social stigma associated with them. Having the right knowledge is extremely important, but it is hard to learn due to all of the misinformation on the internet. Many people believe lice …Lice Treatment