1. They were incredibly thorough at Head Hunters Lice Removal Specialist

    We are from California and were visiting friends in Atlanta when we found head lice on five people in our combined families. Instead of a huge drawn out ordeal, it was a visit to this salon, then on with our lives. They were incredibly thorough, combing one of our girls for two hours to make sure all lice and nits were out of her hair. They really did get rid of everything and none of us had lice on the recheck. I was very impressed and just wish they would open a west coast location!

  2. Piece of mind is so worth it at Head Hunters Lice Removal Specialist

    After several weeks of battling “lice and nits” in my son’s hair, then suspecting my daughter and I had become infested as well, I was at my wit’s end one Friday night. I found this website after reading a blog post about there being professional lice removal specialists that you can go to. I have never had lice and neither has my husband or either of the kids. I had no idea what I was looking for, but decided the cost was worth not spending any more time (including Christmas) battling these awful bugs. I texted the Head Hunters at 10:30 on a Friday night and got an almost immediate response. They gave my family a 10:30 appointment the following morning. They were all so sweet and knowledgeable. The best news is that we didn’t even have lice – none of us. My poor son and I have been through an awful few weeks, but it turns out his is a type of dandruff that looks kind of like nits I saw on the internet. However, when the technician showed me what a real one looked like, I could tell I had never seen anything like that on any of our heads. Piece of mind is so worth it and if I ever suspect this again, I will definitely go back to Head Hunters. Friendly, sympathetic, knowledgeable and reassuring. Thank you all so much for giving me back my sanity!

  3. Go straight to Head Hunters Lice Removal Specialist and let them work their magic.

    My son and I battled lice from the middle of April to the beginning of August. I kept using Nix, thinking I was making progress. I was wrong. I finally found Head Hunters after searching the internet for an alternative to traditional lice remedies. After an hour of having my hair treated, I was 99% lice free!!! As was my son. A week later we went back for our re-check, and we were 100% lice free. Never again will I go through the frustration of using over-the-counter treatments. I will go straight to Head Hunters and let them work their magic.

  4. Treated for Lice she was very happy to watch a movie and sip on a drink

    I had no idea this type of lice removal salon existed in Atlanta and when I stumbled upon your website I was so excited that there were professionals to help! Thank you for helping my daughter get relief in a non embarrassing environment. In fact, she was very happy to watch a movie and sip on a drink and eat chips while being worked on. It is such a relief to be sure that the best job possible is done as well, so we can’t thank you enough!

  5. If you are considering Head HuntersLice Removal Specialist just go for it, they are the best!

    I am so glad that a place like this exists. After trying to treat lice at home with the over the counter products and having to retreat for weeks it just became too overwhelming.So I decided to look for a company that would treat lice. Tommy and Heather are amazing, they calmed me down and gave me great tips. When I left there I knew more about lice than I ever wanted to know. If you are considering Head Hunters just go for it, they are the best!

  6. Head Hunters is Truly a Head Above the Rest!

    “A million thank you’s! I feel so much better after seeing you guys! The attention and care was so needed you all are a breath of fresh air, I was frantic honestly because I never have dealt with lice before. Thanks for your help I appreciate it so much.”

    Susan Dunwoody
  7. Head Hunters Head Lice Removal Marietta Georgia

    I thought that the service you provided to us was really fantastic. The stress and relentlessness of the problem was really getting to me and the girls as we were unable, despite all our efforts, to get rid of them. Finding your company felt like a God send. The service you provided was efficient, thorough and re-assuring. Important it was also blame free and we were not made to feel at fault for needing help. Keep up the good work and thanks for existing.’


  8. Head Hunters Lice Removal Specialist Review Sandy Springs Georgia

    It’s about time that qualified help with lice  was available in our area!! Great service and well educated- thanks so much for the help!!

  9. Head Hunters Lice Removal Specialist Review Atlanta,Georgia

    We battled head lice for about 16 months before finally calling Head hunters. We tried everything you can think of: the over-the-counter lice treatments, oil caps that we would leave on over-night, mayonnaise, fairy tales products…. We even had our carpets and furniture cleaned as well as threw out all pillows, towels brushes and hair accessories (numerous times). We spent hundreds upon hundreds (if not reach over a thousand) trying to get rid of lice.  We had a unique situation which was the root of our problems: we share custody of 3 or our 4 children with my husband’s prior wife. She too tried numerous times and went through measurable cost and time to get rid of the lice…. But the constant going back-and-forth from one house to another, despite great efforts on both sides, made the task literally impossible. We needed a common denominator between both houses, something to bridge the gap: Tommy was the answer. After 16 months of our entire family (4 children, Moms, Nanny) battling lice, we have been lice-free for a few months now! Tommy went back and forth numerous times from one house to the other treating and checking all children, parents, sitters, and even neighbors! We could not have asked for someone more patient and detail oriented. We have a 2 year old, 3 year old, 4 year old, and 8 year old and I could not believe how well he was able to handle them. We will never be able to thank Head Hunters enough and just wish that we had called sooner!!!

  10. Head Hunters Lice Removal Specialist Review Buford, Georgia

    I was totally grossed and freaked out about my child and myself having head lice. Heather totally calmed me down. She is knowledgeable, kind, professional. I was SO impressed with the service we received.