When a client leaves Head Hunters L.R.S. post treatment, they are 99% clear. We leave that last 1% for human error and assign homework combing to keep up that 1% process. The homework combing is a quick combing method that ensures that the comb touches the entire scalp multiple times to look for any potential stragglers. The entire process can be done in 5-10 minutes. It is very important to do the homework combing. The homework combing allows you to confirm that your child is head lice free, shows cases of re-exposure and helps parents practice the method for future use. When clients return for their follow up visit in a week we recheck their hair to verify that they are 100% clear. Post follow up we recommend a once a week head check for four weeks. Performing the post treatment checks allows you to ensure your child is not re-exposed to head lice. If the child is re-exposed, it allows the parent to catch it when it is a manageable situation and before it is contagious.
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