Our mission is to provide a knowledgeable resource that furnishes a non-toxic natural lice removal  treatment option by educating, empowering, treating and preventing head lice in our community. We specialize in calming fears, anxieties and turning an overwhelming lice situation into a manageable one.

Being an all-encompassing resource for clients, we outperform the competition by being honest, straightforward and fair. We keep our prices low and have a minimum standard when offering treatment. Clients get a full educational dialogue that will teach you how to handle head lice now and in the future. By empowering our clients with knowledge about lice, we become a key resource for your family to learn about eliminating an infestation and preventing a re-infestation. With having the highest volume of lice treatments and the best customer service, your family will be fully taken care of in one of our spa like facilities Located in Atlanta and Roswell Georgia

Head Hunters Guarantee: We guarantee our services for 30 days post Follow Up for any individual treated by Head Hunters L.R.S. once they have been cleared of head lice.

Head Hunters Treatment: Head Hunters focuses on removing the infestation rather than killing it. We manually remove 100 percent of the infestation using Head Hunters Naturals products.

Head Hunters Technicians: We have the most extensively trained technicians in the state of Georgia. All treatments performed are rechecked by another highly skilled technician.

Head Hunters Education: We teach the Who, What, When, Where and How of head lice to every client during Treatment. We believe knowledge provides the confidence needed to handle any future cases of head lice.

Head Hunters Research: Head Hunters uses its research capabilities to further enhance its process and products. We are able to research the continuing evolution of head lice, changing environmental experiences and the testing of lice killing products in our on-site laboratory, located in the East Cobb location.

Head Hunters Advice: When selecting professional help consider the following:

  • Do speak personally with the company to get a feel of who they are.
  • Do make sure the company treating your family shows you the evidence of head lice.
  • Do make sure there are no hidden costs.
  • Do Not choose a company that offers to treat your home.
  • Do Not choose a company that offers no Follow Up visit.
  • Do Not choose a company that tries to convince you that your family will be 100 percent lice free after only one visit.

Head Hunters Naturals: For Head Hunters L.R.S., the natural progression was to develop a line of products to assist in the prevention and removal of head lice. Visit the Head Hunters Naturals website for an array of head lice treatment and preventative products.